Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GWT-Phonegap nearing 1.0

In the last couple of weeks I was able to invest a substantial amount of time into gwt-phonegap and mgwt. The work on gwt-phonegap is almost complete and it supports all of the phonegap api.

If you are running in dev mode, gwt-phonegap will emulate the phonegap apis, so that you will be able to develop your phonegap app in your safari / chrome on your desktop machine and later compile it down to javascript. This is done with gwt deferred binding so there are no runtime costs at all.

Also the documentation has had some major improvements, so that it will be much easier to get started with gwt-phonegap.

One major thing that happened was to change the package structure from de.kurka to com.googlecode.gwtphonegap to meet the requirements for artifacts to be uploaded the the central maven repository.

I will be releasing the first beta of gwt-phonegap very soon and if all goes well, we are going to have an release in the central repo very soon.

In the next couple of weeks I will be focusing to get mgwt to 1.0 as well