Thursday, February 16, 2012

mgwt and gwt designer support

As many of you have pointed out in countless emails and user group posts: Currently mgwt and the GWT Designer don`t really get along. There are some workarounds to make it work, but they are pretty ugly.

The cause behind this is that GWT Designer was not able to run property providers from GWT. But mgwt heavily relies on them to detect your platform and many other important things.
We discussed what changes would be necessary to mgwt to make it work and quickly saw that it can not be done in a pleasant way. Instead I decided to bring it up in the gwt contributer list and see if someone from google could instead make GWT Designer work with custom properties.

There already was an open issue and @kschlegov fixed it today. Many thanks to him for such a quick fix and I hope you will be enjoying a working GWT Designer starting with the next release of GWT Designer.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

mgwt and phonegap talk at webmontag in frankfurt

Tomorrow I am going to talk about the mobile web as well as mobile apps at the webmontag meetup in frankfurt germany.
I believe the talk will be in german, but it will be video recorded and I will post the link here after the talk. In the talk I will be talking about why mobile html5 apps are a good idea and how they can solve the upcoming problem of too much content for our devices.
There will also be a short introduction to phonegap and mgwt. The other talks and dates can be found on the webmontag homepage.

Hope to see you at the talk!

Update: As I suspected the talk would be in german, but I am going to post the video anyway. Thanks to the webmontag team who did a great job at organizing this event and made me feel very welcome.
Also I would like to thank the people that made the video and also provided it free of charge:

Here is the youtube video:

Update2: After getting so many emails about a translation of the video, I decided just to rerecord in english with the same slides. I haven`t put that much work into it (just started talking and recording), so please don`t be to harsh on me. Here`s the video:

English Version

Saturday, February 4, 2012

mgwt 1.0.2 released

I am very happy to tell you about the newest release of mgwt 1.0.2

I would like to name a few of the improvements we made to mgwt:

  • consistent css class names and guides for styling
  • offline capabilities for mgwt apps (HTML5 offline support)
  • easier styling for many buttons with custom images
  • lots and lots of bug fixes
There has also been a significant improvements in the docs and in many places in the javadoc.
There is also an example project, which illustrates how to build your own custom theme.

Go check out and enjoy the new version.

As always mgwt will be available from maven central very soon: