Sunday, February 12, 2012

mgwt and phonegap talk at webmontag in frankfurt

Tomorrow I am going to talk about the mobile web as well as mobile apps at the webmontag meetup in frankfurt germany.
I believe the talk will be in german, but it will be video recorded and I will post the link here after the talk. In the talk I will be talking about why mobile html5 apps are a good idea and how they can solve the upcoming problem of too much content for our devices.
There will also be a short introduction to phonegap and mgwt. The other talks and dates can be found on the webmontag homepage.

Hope to see you at the talk!

Update: As I suspected the talk would be in german, but I am going to post the video anyway. Thanks to the webmontag team who did a great job at organizing this event and made me feel very welcome.
Also I would like to thank the people that made the video and also provided it free of charge:

Here is the youtube video:

Update2: After getting so many emails about a translation of the video, I decided just to rerecord in english with the same slides. I haven`t put that much work into it (just started talking and recording), so please don`t be to harsh on me. Here`s the video:

English Version


  1. If you could put talk content in a English article that would be great for me to understand.

  2. After getting many emails on this I decided just to rerecord in english at home

  3. Thanks a lot, Daniel, for taking the time to do this!

  4. Hi Daniel, this is great stuff. I wrote a website using GWT and then needed to turn it into an app. What you describe is exactly how it should be done.

  5. Hi Aaron,

    great that you like my idea :)

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