Thursday, February 16, 2012

mgwt and gwt designer support

As many of you have pointed out in countless emails and user group posts: Currently mgwt and the GWT Designer don`t really get along. There are some workarounds to make it work, but they are pretty ugly.

The cause behind this is that GWT Designer was not able to run property providers from GWT. But mgwt heavily relies on them to detect your platform and many other important things.
We discussed what changes would be necessary to mgwt to make it work and quickly saw that it can not be done in a pleasant way. Instead I decided to bring it up in the gwt contributer list and see if someone from google could instead make GWT Designer work with custom properties.

There already was an open issue and @kschlegov fixed it today. Many thanks to him for such a quick fix and I hope you will be enjoying a working GWT Designer starting with the next release of GWT Designer.


  1. Is the problem fixed now ?
    Does GWT Designer work with MGWT ?

  2. the isse has been fixed 8 months ago this is long released

  3. Hello Daniel

    I have seen this issue was fixed in gwt designer long time ago. However with the last release of Eclipse, GWT, mGWT and Google Eclipse Plugin we have reproduced the same problem.

    do you know some about this or some reference of people working mgwt+GWT Designer?

    We are beginning to use extensively mGWT in our healtIT project. Now we want use GWT Designer with our designer to increase the development speed.

    Any info or reference will be very pleased.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Even I am trying from last 3 to 4 days for the solution but no use. Unable to use GWT designer for mgwt getting following error
    You are attempting to use UiBinder for com.sys.gwtdetest.client.ui.BasicPage, however it renders into, instead of expected


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