Sunday, January 12, 2014

mgwt / gwt running on a the Tesla Model S

If you come the Silicon Valley these days you will spot Teslas everywhere, but not here in Germany. A couple of days ago I saw my first Tesla driving around in Munich, being a car nut I immediately needed to get my hands on one here.
I actually would like to replace my old BMW 5 series with something new and I was favoring a BMW M5 very much. When talking about cars in the US, I was always telling colleagues that a Tesla would not work in Germany for two reasons:

  • You will run out of battery on a german autobahn pretty soon, since driving high speeds is very energy consuming.
  • It does not have enough top speed (only 210 km/h)

Tesla just solved the battery problem by offering battery swaps as well as extending their super charger network. Today I can already drive from Munich to Dusseldorf without problems and this network is growing rapidly. Having the battery swaps means that you do not need to care about range anymore since getting new energy will only take 90 seconds.
The oomph that is provided by the performance plus version with its 600 Nm is quite exciting to drive, but it is still lacking in max speed. If I spent 125 thousand euros on a car, I expect it to at least go 250 km/h or even more. A BMW M5, a Porsche 911 turbo, Mercedes AMG 63, all these cars can easily hit 300 km/h on a german autobahn. This is not a theoretically number, people actually drive this fast in Germany. This is still a problem for Tesla in Germany, but other than that I would now prefer a Tesla any time over the other cars and will probably soon get one.

MGWT / GWT on the Tesla Model S

    After driving the car I also wanted to see how much the onboard system can actually do. This is running a version of the QT webkit based browser. The complete mgwt showcase was working and you could even think about using a Phonegap approach to build UIs for the car.
    Here is a picture of mgwt running:

    How cool is that?


    1. Very cool. Can't wait to see what is cooking for mGWT and GWT 3.0!

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