Monday, October 10, 2011

GWT-Phonegap version 1.0 released

Today I was finally able to release gwt-phonegap as 1.0. There has been a tremendous amount of work put into this and I want to thank all the people that contributed in any way.

GWT-Phonegap now supports the full phonegap API and provides a mocked functionality in gwt dev mode. In the next days I will concentrate on improving the documentation, so that getting to work with gwt-phonegap will become much more fun.

To see the full supported features you can checkout the feature tab.

In the next couple of weeks, I will also make the first 1.0 release for mgwt, so that the whole toolchain for creating great mobile apps with gwt will be in a supported released state.

As always if you have any feedback or problems feel free to use the usergroup.

For those who are wondering why I renamed all the packages to com.googlecode.gwtphonegap: This needed to be done to comply with the rules for maven central. I will try to get the project into maven central very soon, so that including it into your build environment will be much easier.


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