Monday, November 14, 2011

mgwt 1.0 released

After more than 1,5 years I am very happy to announce the first non-beta release of mgwt. During the last three months I was able to put a tremendous amount of time into this project. For a quick overview checkout the Showcase with a webkit browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, ...) or your phone / tablet.
This release supports:
  • iPhone
  • iPhone Retina Displays
  • iPad
  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • blackberry phones
With this release you get:
  • Great looking fast animations integrated with GWT MVP
  • Nice set of good looking widgets
  • Performance because we leverage CSS3 as much as possible (no images, animations in css and many more details)
  • Great looking styles for each platform
  • UiBinder support for all widgets
  • Editor support for all widgets
  • Deferred Binding for all major diffs
We love working with GWT and this is why mgwt does not try to replace GWT. Instead it uses best practices you already know from GWT and extends it where needed. If you want to know why we decided to go with GWT in the first place to do mobile development, this wiki page sums it up nicely. We know that the current documentation needs improvement and we will start to improve it very soon. To get started with developing great mobile apps checkout Getting started wiki page and also take a look at for a brief overview. This is just the start and we are very excited about the future of mgwt. If you have any questions or suggestions as always don't hesitate to ask. mgwt is available from central:


  1. Congratulations! I´m happy to see you finally got mgwt released.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I am trying to choose the right technology permitting me develop x-platform applications using GWT. What do you think about GET-Bootstrap and GWT-Platform 1.0. They both try to accommodate and facilitate x-platform development. For instance, gwt-platform 1.0 now provides ways of creating different MVPs for tablets, phones and desktop applications. GWT-Bootstrap is also suppose to provide a mechanism of styling your applications regardless of the a particular platform. In short, how would you compare mgwt and GWT-Phonegap with these tools?

    Many thanks for the hard work,

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