Saturday, March 30, 2013

gwt phonegap 2.4 released

Today I got around to release gwt-phonegap 2.4.

This is now fully compatible with Phonegap 2.4 and  GWT 2.5. It contains the new APIs such as the InAppBrowser and the Globalization API.

This version fully works with mgwt.
You can get the new version from github or from maven central:



  1. Hi, when we get new version of mgwt? Thank you for the great work!

  2. Congrats on your new job and your talk at I/O.

    As new Google employee, can pull some strings to increase the javascript performance of the android stock browser? It is taking over the reputation of IE. 8) HTML5 Apps work great on IOs but gives you headaches on Androids..

  3. What does it mean "This is now fully compatible with Phonegap 2.4"? Can I assume that all the major features like capturing and file module are ready?

  4. Any plans to work on a Phonegap 3.0 compatible version? We depend on your library for our development. Many thanks

  5. When I try to update my pom from gwt-phonegap, it fails with this error:

    [INFO] auto discovered modules [com.raccoonfink.cruisemonkey.gwt.CM]
    [INFO] Compiling module com.raccoonfink.cruisemonkey.gwt.CM
    [INFO] Validating units:
    [INFO] [ERROR] Errors in 'jar:file:/Users/ranger/.m2/repository/com/googlecode/gwtphonegap/gwtphonegap/!/com/googlecode/gwtphonegap/client/globalization/js/'
    [INFO] [ERROR] Line 27: Instance methods must be 'final' in non-final subclasses of JavaScriptObject
    [INFO] [ERROR] Aborting compile due to errors in some input files

  6. Is there a javadoc for it? I can find the javadoc for 2.0.0, just not 2.4.0

  7. Hi Daniel,

    Just saw your video about gwt-phonegap. Really good. Much appreciated. Now when I'm trying to explain to people about what I'm working on (using Liferay Portal with GWT mobile apps), I can direct them to watch the first (non-technical) part of your video.

    I have been trying to get my head around the source code for gwt-phonegap, mgwt, and, I now realise the 2 showcases. It just hit me that mgwt is not built on top of gwt-phonegap.

    I'm confused. Am I right in assuming they are totally separate initiatives ?

    I had already, for myself, extended the MVP s.t. Places are namespaced (for deployment using portlets). So I have classes such as NamespacedPlaceHistoryHandler, AbstractNamespacedActivityMapper, GenericActivity, etc.

    Until now, I have been deploying my GWT apps into my portal and testing using the code server. Works really well, except having to use remote logging on iPad. So now I conclude that I should move my project onto gwt-phonegap.

    In summary, I think I should concentrate on gwt-phonegap, and ignore mgwt. (although mgwt looks great). Does that sound the right way to go, in your opinion.