Sunday, June 17, 2012

mgwt 1.1 released

Today mgwt 1.1 finally got released. A tremendous amount of work went into this release in the last 4 months and we were able to improve mgwt in a lot of ways.

It contains a lot of new features and many bug fixes such as:
  • a swipe panel
  • a grouping cell list with animated headers
  • a tabpanel with animating child elements
  • animations without using MVP
  • label support for form elements
  • gesture recognizers for swipe, pinch longtap and multitap
  • improved scrolling performance
  • improved Pull-To-Refresh widget
Here is a complete list of all the things in 1.1

Also I am starting a series of blog post on how to use certain things around mgwt and gwt-phonegap.  Currently we are asking for suggestions for the upcoming 1.2 release on the mailing list. Please leave your comments and suggestions there.

Writing mobile apps with GWT is getting much better and easier with this release. I am really happy to see a so many people contributing and making mgwt a success. Thank you all!

You can download the release from the google code page or use maven:


For those of you taking a look at mgwt for the first time. You might be interested in an introductory talk  I gave at the dutch GTUG, take a look at the showcase or ask question on the user group.


  1. Great, I will definitely implement swipe gestures for my apps tomorrow!

  2. Congratulations Daniel. Great job!

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