Saturday, June 16, 2012

using animation helper

This post is part of a series of blogposts that show the usage of  some mgwt / gwt-phonegap components.

If you do not want to use GWT Activities and Places you can not use the AnimatingActivityManager from mgwt. This is why we created AnimationHelper. A simple class that lets you use animations with a very simple API.

1. Setup the viewport for the mobile browser:

2. Instantiate an AnimationHelper and attach it to the RootPanel:

AnimationHelper animationHelper = new AnimationHelper();

3. Instantiate a LayoutPanel and a button. Attach the TapHandler to it and animate to another UI on Tap:
LayoutPanel layoutPanel = new LayoutPanel();
Button button = new Button();

button.addTapHandler(new TapHandler() {

 public void onTap(TapEvent event) {
  //build second ui
  LayoutPanel layoutPanel = new LayoutPanel();
  Button button = new Button();
  animationHelper.goTo(layoutPanel, Animation.FLIP);



4. Animate to the created UI:
animationHelper.goTo(layoutPanel, Animation.SLIDE);

A complete example can be found here. If you want to see the mgwt animation in action take a look at the showcase.


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