Saturday, June 16, 2012

using the mgwt swipe panel

This post is part of a series of blogposts that show the usage of  some mgwt / gwt-phonegap components.

This blog post will show the use of the Carousel widget in mgwt. The widget can be used to display different content in a horizontal row. Users can access the content by swiping to it.

The widget looks like this:

To build this you need to do the following steps:

1. Setup the viewport for the mobile browser:

2. Instantiate an AnimationHelper and attach it to the RootPanel:

AnimationHelper animationHelper = new AnimationHelper();

3. Instantiate a LayoutPanel and add in the Carousel widget:
LayoutPanel layoutPanel = new LayoutPanel();
Carousel carousel = new Carousel();

4. Add some content to the Carousel:

5. Animate to the created UI:
animationHelper.goTo(layoutPanel, Animation.SLIDE);

The complete code example can be found here. If you want to see the widget in action, take a look into the showcase.


  1. Hi Daniel.

    Thanks, the Carousel is almost what I need.
    The thing is that I need a circular carousel (i.e.
    where after the last page, the first page comes again).
    More preciselly, I need the effect of swiping from
    the last page to the first to be as if they were consecutive
    pages (and not a 'rewind' effect). There exist a way of using
    the carousel to achive that? Is there an easy way to provide
    this functionality?

    Thanks in advance,


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