Friday, June 29, 2012

GWT Steering Committee

As you may have already heard from the google IO talk, I am now part of the GWT Steering Committee.

The job of the GWT Steering Committee is to drive GWT`s future by doing several things like:

  • Give a direction on the future of GWT
  • approve applicants to become committers
  • review code
  • administer releases
  • modify the process of how GWT is developed to meet new challenges
  • work as master committers
Initially the committee will consist of:
  • Ray Cromwell (Google)
  • Darrel Meyer (Sencha)
  • Mike Brock (Redhat)
  • Christian Goudreau (Arcbees)
  • Joonas Lehtinen (Vaadin)
  • Thomas Broyer
  • Stephan Haberman
  • Daniel Kurka (mgwt)

There will be a lot of exciting abouts in the next week about GWT so stay tuned!

This is also very great news for mgwt. I have been meeting with many different people this week on google IO demoing mgwt. I got so much great feedback and by being part of the steering committee all of the mgwt greatness will find its way somehow into GWT.

I have been talking a lot with Ray Cromwell and Rajeev Dayal from the GWT team about mgwt and they were quite excited about it.

All the discussion in the last month about the future of GWT and Dart were totally unfounded since Google is using GWT in so many ways and there is a vibrant community of external people building great stuff with GWT as well. This new process for GWT will ensure that GWT will stay one of the great open source projects where it is very easy for people to contribute and share their work. I am very excited about it and I hope you are too.

All the discussions from the steering committee are visible online, so feel free to listen on to the discussion!


  1. Congrats Daniel...keep up the great work... :)

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  2. Nice Job, congrats Daniel! Once again, you're the man! Go MGWT!

  3. MVP4G, GWTP, MGWT... GWT has certainly been leveraged by other initiatives. Those I list don't feel very "special case". Any initial thoughts to if and how GWT will subsume these frameworks?

  4. GWT is all about an open eco system to that many people can provide inovation.

    Maybe we will see an adoption of some frameworks to GWT (like mgwt), but for some of them they can perfectly exists without being part of core GWT.

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